If the early part of 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the inevitable panic followed by panic buying and price gouging is guaranteed. I think it is important to learn from this and take forward a new understanding of how society works and reacts to challenges when SHTF.

Prepping Vs panic buying

Prepping and panic buying is not the same thing, apart from the obvious difference in being prepared Vs not prepared and rushing out to buy stuff along with the rest of the nation. There’s also the morality of panic buying when SHTF when you’re clearing stock off the shelves of a store knowing that the people that come after you will be unable to have their fair share, you will not only face judgment by others for doing so but the decision should weigh heavy on you as those that often are unable to get the essentials are those most in need. Being prepared and already having stock means that the essentials that you would have bought can help someone else survive what they need too.

The stupidity of the panic

The fact that the early part of 2020 the first thing to go and be fought over was toilet rolls even though the relevant event that caused the panic had nothing to do with how much you needed toilet roll, is a great example of the herd mentality of society, but before the pasta, before rice, before the 100’s of food items that you should stock were panic bought people fought over toilet roll.

The next thing to go in its entirety was hand sanitizer and disinfectants. Entries stores were stripped of their supply, and from what I could they’re were stripped by a few people whilst the masses were unable to obtain any. The stupid part of this is that for the spread of a virus to be slowed or stopped, everyone needs those items, having 30 liters in your basement doesn’t stop someone passing it onto you via surfaces or foods because they were unable to get any themself.

Then, of course, it was the food, first the pasta and chopped tomatoes, then rice and finally everything was free game. Now the main problem with this, when all the food goes and the essential workers of society are unable to eat properly, they fall ill, reducing society functioning to a shadow of its former self… The panic buying adds to society’s problems and results in a worse environment for all.

Be prepared

Of course, if you were fully prepared, none of this would panic buying would have affected you, you could sit watching the chaos unfold week by week knowing that you have provided for you and your family. It’s a better feeling than those who are currently worried about who they’re going to feed their family, those who trail multiple stores looking for the essentials.