One thing that I suggest that people do is not to advertise that they are preppers to a wider audience than they need to. Society is fragile, the morals they hold will be dropped as soon as individual survival becomes a necessity and for every person you inform is a potential confrontation, either with the person you told or with the people they told or with the people they told and so on. In a bad scenario, it could escalate quickly into a mob mentality and before you know it you’re entire family and supplies are at risk.

Societies self-fulfilling cycle of panic

The one thing to remember when working out your preparation plans is how fragile society is. how society changes and morals are dropped as soon as it becomes an “it’s me or them” scenario. Even in situations where it’s not life or death, it’s just a mild inconvenience such as the toilet paper shortage that immediately started in early 2020 when a virus became apparent. Where the Virus had no effect on how much toilet paper would be needed during the average month, people stockpiled it in fear that they might have to go without. This stockpiling then results in others being unable to have access to their essentials which then leads to more stockpiling when they eventually see it on the supermarket shelves. This self-fulfilling cycle was based on nothing more than a few people panicking causing others to panic in return. One thing to bring up is throughout this, the vulnerable, those in need and are unable to fend for themselves were forgotten about, people would clean a shelf without even thinking of the elderly woman that needed a loaf of bread or some milk. Shopping delivery slots were taken in their hordes without consideration for those unable to leave their house and rely on their foods being delivered. In times of need, society doesn’t care for the vulnerable.

This vicious cycle then carried on to the other essentials such as cleaning products and food and will likely continue until everyone is stocked and essentially all the product that was stored on the huge warehouses and now stored in individual homes.

Now think, what would society do if the supply chain was broken? if the shops didn’t restock because deliveries were not made. I believe society will get passed toilet roll shortages, but when it comes to food shortages, were are talking about a whole new ball game. A parent will not see their child starve or suffer, and unfortunately, if you’re the person in between them and food then they may make decisions they wouldn’t have made in a time of plenty.

For every person that you tell, but wouldn’t be inclined to help, you have a potential confrontation ahead of you, the confrontation is a risk to you and your families well being and survival chances. It could be avoided by simply not telling them of your plans.

The safest method of defense

In short, don’t advertise yourself as the potential free store of supplies, be smart, be quiet and be safe. unless there’s a direct benefit to you making others aware of your preparations then the best and safest strategy is don’t. If you have pacts that are mutually beneficial with other preppers then keep those to yourself too, don’t let slip that another person has supplies especially if they are following the “stay quiet, keep safe” routine