The term “Prepper” has risen in popularity over recent years, some times with negative connotations such as “Gun nut”, “Paranoid extremists ” and many other false stereotypes.

Preppers are normal people like you or me that are preparing themselves and loved ones to survive a crisis. Some preppers believe a particular event will cause the fall of society whilst others are preparing for anything. 

Society tends to mock preppers and not take them seriously, but anyway you look at it, taking care of your loved ones in any situation is something to be proud of, being ready for anything that comes their way and having the responsibility of looking after one’s own family in a difficult time

Being prepared will mean you will survive when others may not, because of skills, knowledge, and items gathered in preparation, you will have an edge for you and your family to adapt to new scenarios and environments.

There is a myriad of reasons why people are becoming preppers.

  • supermarket stores will be unable to meet demand in a disaster, once the shelves are empty everyone will be responsible for finding their food and supplies.
  • Finding clean drinking water may be difficult, especially if the water has been contaminated and is unsafe to consume.
  • It will also be extremely difficult to get first aid supplies and other essential items.
  • If the whole country is in a disaster state, the government will be unable to help everyone, resources will be stretched and they simply may not have enough to go around.

All of the above risks in a disaster can be mitigated by simply being prepared, having more than a week’s supply of food, medicine, water. By being self-reliant, you are in the most stable position to survive and not contribute to the problem.

There are many aspects of being prepared, each aspect has its own spectrum of preparedness from unprepared to self-reliant to abundance. each pillar that allows you to ensure the best chances of surviving a major incident.

Food and Water are seen as necessities and are commonly where prepares start. being essential to life and the chain being fragile, it’s often seen as the base in which people can build from.

For some preppers, their homes, a place to go in an emergency whether that’s a bunker, basement or a remote secure location to store their supplies are on the list. Some go as far as planning and practicing a “bug out” routine that allows them to quickly gather required supplies and leave the area in an emergency in cases where required.

ensuring that family members know basic survival skills and techniques is important. Whether this is small things like how to chop wood, how to make a fire with and without a fire starter. I believe any sort of bushcraft knowledge is better than none.

Starting to prepare is easy to do and doesn’t have to mean you need to live and breath the prepper life, simply keeping some long-lasting food or finding ways to store some extra water is all that’s needed to start giving you the edge to survive.