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Stay quiet, keep safe – how not to advertise your preparations!

One thing that I suggest that people do is not to advertise that they are preppers to a wider audience than they need to. Society is fragile, the morals they hold will be dropped as soon as individual survival becomes… Continue Reading →

So you have prepped, but have you thought about others?

You have supplies of all the essentials, food, water, first aid and so on. You believe you have 6 months of supplies. But here’s the real question, have you thought about when people turn up at your door? often this… Continue Reading →

Prepare for the inevitable panic

If the early part of 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the inevitable panic followed by panic buying and price gouging is guaranteed. I think it is important to learn from this and take forward a new understanding… Continue Reading →

Are you a survivalist or a prepper? What’s the difference?

The terms survivalist and prepper get thrown around almost interchangeably at times. To some, there is an important difference. A ‘prepper’ prepares for an event by stock pilling, where a survivalist will rely on their survivalist knowledge. Do you have… Continue Reading →

What a prepper really is.

The term “Prepper” has risen in popularity over recent years, some times with negative connotations such as “Gun nut”, “Paranoid extremists ” and many other false stereotypes. Preppers are normal people like you or me that are preparing themselves and… Continue Reading →

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